Wind Turbines, Composting Toilets & More

We were already to raise the wind turbine on Friday when the temps started dropping, the wind kicked up, and it started snowing again. So we are on hold for a few days till the weather improves. Larry from Nature’s Head called and said our Composting Toilet was shipping on Monday, so we will be posting a video on how to set it up and use it. We will keep it PG

We had a great chat with Mike Richter (yes, the hockey player) from Riverkeeper. They are doing some fantastic work tracking down and prosecuting polluters of the Hudson River, and raising awareness of water, soil, and air quality in the region.

The rain fed cistern project is back on track, and waiting for ground thaw. A hand pump and low voltage dc pressure pump will provide the water from the tanks to the house. We are considering hooking a bicycle up to our belt drive well pump like Rob Roy did with his pump. He cycles for 5 minutes twice daily to charge his 80 gallon pressure tank. This method is also shown in the book “The Human Powered Home“.