The best resources for biofuel info

This week’s podcast deals with episode 1 of our biofuels series: biodiesel & Vegetable Oil. We outline what it takes to run a diesel engine on vegetable oil and how to make biodiesel, two common alternative fuels for diesel engines. We also talk about pressing your own oils from oilseeds, uses for the leftover “cake”, and making a biodiesel processor. Read and hear more at Email us for our free veggie conversion ebook. Click here for a free ebook on making biodiesel!


In our travels, we have come across some amazing resources for learning about biofuels. I will list our favorites below for a few of the major types of biofuels we have experience in:

Ethanol – Alcohol Can Be A Gas

BioMethane – The Complete Biogas Handbook

WVO – Sliding Home

Biodiesel – Biodiesel Homebrew Guide

Wood – A Guide to Residential Wood Heating (free)

These are not the only good resources out there, just some of our favorites. Please discuss these and your favorites below in the comments section.