Mother Earth News Wiser Living Guides

At 100 full-color pages each, these six reference books present our best articles organized into four popular categories: Gardening, Energy, Country Skills and Living on Less. Each volume includes tips, information and instructions from the most relevant MOTHER EARTH NEWS articles.
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The MOTHER EARTH NEWS Wiser Living Guides set includes:

Guide to Energy Savings – Learn what you need to know to spend your money wisely. Compiled in this guide is a set of the most informative, most up-to-date articles available from MOTHER EARTH NEWS to educate you on all relevant aspects of energy savings, from solar space heating to small-scale wind power.

Guide to Organic Gardening – Find out how organic gardening can help you grow fresher, more nutritious and better-tasting food in a way that’s as natural and nontoxic as possible. This special issue is packed with advice for growing your own food using organic methods that are easy to apply in your own garden.

Guide to Growing Your Own Food – Save money and improve your health by growing your own food all year-round. Covering growing, harvesting, feasting and everything in between, this guide will help you grow a great garden and save money on your food bills.

Guide to Country Skills – Learn the basic country skills that will make you more self-reliant and secure. This guide has all the information you need to be more self-sufficient, from do-it-yourself projects to inspiring stories from those who have created successful homesteads.

Guide to Living on Less and Loving It! – Are you looking for simple ideas to save money and live more lightly on the planet? Find out how you can do both with the simple, satisfying and fun ideas in this special collection.

Guide to Home Energy Savings – You’ll save money on home energy bills for years to come using advice in this convenient collection of articles. The Guide to Home Energy Savings is filled with information on solar heating options, natural ways to cool your house, energy-efficient appliances and windows, and so much more.