Using Magnetic Generator To Save Electricity

With the high costs of energy, one of the things that most families can easily do is to save on electric bills. And with today’s technology, that’s not very difficult to do. Investing in alternative energy sources such as building a magnetic generator is a simple way to help reduce the high cost of electricity.

What Is Magnetic Energy?

In simple terms, it is energy produced through a magnetic generator, instead of a diesel, coal or other form of energy producing generator. Instead of burning combustible fuels to produce its energy, this type of a device uses the earth’s electromagnetic field to create “perpetual motion” to drive a turbine and produce electricity. The best part of this concept is that these magnetic “fuels” are freely available in the earth’s atmosphere for anyone – even you or I – to harness and use. All you need is to assemble the right components to do so.

The concept of this device was developed by Nicola Tesla, a renowned scientist and contemporary of Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. A one-time employee of Edison, Tesla thought about harnessing the earth’s electromagnetic energy, freely produced by the sun and stars, orbiting in our skies.

Tesla’s credibility cannot be questioned either, because this Nobel Prize nominee’s name is linked to the modern Alternate Current (AC) power generator, the X-Ray machine, Radio and wireless sets in use across the world.


Does Magnetic Generator Work?

While many posit that it can’t be done, thousands of individuals use magnetic generators to produce electricity throughout the world at no cost. Despite inconclusive evidence, many experts believe that the commercialization and widespread use of magnetic generators have been intentionally suppressed by competitors in the marketplace that stand to lose big money if magnetic generators too hold.

Consider electric utility companies and the billions of megawatts they sell to consumers each year. If a magnetic generator were to enter the marketplace, suddenly people wouldn’t need to rely on their utility company to provide electricity; instead, they could simply produce free electricity with their very own magnetic power generator.

In spite of the many interests that have attempted to debunk magnetic generators, the truth is that this technology has been around for many hundreds of years and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, as concerns about climate change and the environment increase, many are resurrecting this age-old renewable power generator.

By switching to free home-grown magnetic energy, one will be able to easily meet most, if not all, of your family’s power consumption needs. There will be nothing to stop you from then cutting back or even going entirely off the power company’s electricity grid. No more grid power, no more huge electricity bills!

For additional information about the history and efficacy of magnetic generators, including theories on the suppression of this technology, check out a documentary below called, “The Quest for Free Energy.”

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Save The Environment

By using a magnetic generator, money is not the only thing one can save. Power from your electricity company usually comes from diesel or coal fired power plants. This means that tones of greenhouse emissions must be produced every day, flooding the environment all across the world, just to supply us with electricity.

And for those of you that receive power from nuclear plants, don’t rest comfortably in the thought that your power is “environment friendly” either. Recent events in Japan bear ample testament to that fact. And if you are thinking: Oh well, that was a one in a million event. Well, then think about this – Spent fuel rods and nuclear waste from those plants are buried in back into our earth, or deep at sea. Nuclear waste sites then cannot be used for any constructive proposes – schools, hospitals, children’s playgrounds, parks, residential buildings – for many generations to come! So why not go magnetic and save our planet while at the same time save on electric bills.

Save On Electricity With Magnetic Generator

To really believe whether the magnetic generator actually works, you need to first understand how other electricity generators work. The concept is simple: Use a fuel (diesel, solar power, coal, and nuclear fuel) to power a generator; use the generator to turn a turbine; use the turbine to produce electricity.

Producing magnetic energy uses all the components described above. The only difference is the “fuel” being used. Instead of emission generating fuels like diesel and coal, it uses magnets to create the perpetual motion needed to keep the turbine churning your electricity so that one can save on high electric bills.

Households that are already using magnetic power generator claimed to be able to offset 30 to 50% of the electricity taken from the grid. Full scale savings are possible with the right sized generator or by using multiple generators.

So, if you want to find an alternate solution to your high electric or energy bills, building a magnetic generator can be a great way to cut down on your energy bills. Many communities are already saving on electric bills, thanks to this clean and alternate energy source. Why not join them too?

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