Hydrogen – Oxygen Generator (HHO, Hydroxy Gas, Brown’s Gas)

Producing hydrogen / oxygen mixed gas for the purposes of heating, cooking, and absorption refrigeration.

There’s a lot of pseudoscience surrounding the production of a hydrogen oxygen gas mix. Sometimes called Brown’s gas, HHO, and other terms, it’s been assigned mythical properties by many.

Joe Cell – http://peswiki.com/energy/Directory:Joe_Cell
Stanley Meyer – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Meyer%27s_water_fuel_cell

Some actually believed, or attempted to get others to believe, that a car could run on water, using an on-board electrolyzer powered by the engines own alternator.

Others believe that drastic emissions reduction and mileage gains can be had by make a hydroxy gas booster for a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle.

We will attempt to carve off the pseudoscience, and document the actual processes involved, including the power consumed in the the process, and the amount of gas produced, for the purpose of eliminating our propane consumption and replacing it with a gas we can produce ourselves from non-fossil fuel sources.

Our source of power, by necessity, is 1200 watts of solar panels, with a set of two 420ah 6v batteries for storage. This will allow us to continue to produce gas even when the sun is not shining.

My initial design will be 2-3v per cell, using stainless electrodes. Not necessarily the most efficient, but good enough for initial testing. This will be a poor man’s DIY project, as cost is an issue.

Stay tuned.