How to Design an Eco-Friendly and Stress-Free Home

Our priorities are changing. More and more, people are looking for simpler and conscientious solutions, while at the same time wanting to live in a home that is a sanctuary. If you’re looking for eco-friendly design ideas to improve your home and reduce your carbon emissions, you’ve come to the right place. This article looks at quick, easy and economical eco-friendly design options.

#1 Passive solar. The sun has tremendous capabilities to warm our homes. Take advantage of the sun’s solar rays in the winter and open windows and drapes. Ideally, you’ll have an abundance of natural light on the side of your home facing the south. If not, consider adding windows, and in the meantime take advantage of the eastern and western-facing windows.

#2 Thermal shades. Keep the cool air in your home in the summertime and the warm air in during the winter with thermal cell window blinds and/or curtains with thermal backing.

#3 Add plants to your home to purify the air you and your family breathe. Spider plants are ideal for cleaning your air, but any plant serves as a great filter.

#4 When repainting your home, choose low VOC or VOC free paints. These are paints that have little or no toxic emissions. Lowering your exposure to these chemicals will not only help your health, it’ll also help the environment.

#5 Replace your old thermostat with a programmable thermostat and lower your utility bills, while at the same time making your life a bit easier. Programmable thermostats enable you to set it and forget about it.

#6 Attach low-flow faucets or aerators into your kitchen and bathroom to reduce the amount of water you consume. You’ll lower your water bills and conserve water.

#7 Utilize restored or reclaimed wood or purchase used furniture. There’s just something beautiful about old wood. It has an earthy yet lovely appeal. And you can buy reclaimed or restored pieces for much less than you can buy the same quality pieces for new. A little extra money in your pocket, beautiful furniture and sustainable practices.

#8 Embrace soy and beeswax candles to create a stress-free zone. Paraffin candles emit toxic fumes – however, soy and beeswax candles are natural, emission free, and a great way to de-stress.

#9 Invest in organic bedding. 100% organic cotton is a luxury, no doubt about it, but it’s environmentally friendly and a great way to add those small luxurious touches that make a big difference. Imagine sinking into a soft bed covered with fine linens and pillows.

#10 Replace carpet with sustainable flooring like bamboo or cork. These are both environmentally sound flooring choices that are totally gorgeous at the same time. They’re also economical and easy to maintain.

Environmentally friendly design does more than help the planet, though that is certainly a great perk. It can enhance your lifestyle and make your home the sanctuary you desire.


David R.