How Magnetic Energy Generator Works

Basic explanation on the principle of the magnetic energy generator and how it works to create perpetual motion to produce electricity.

Back To The Beginning

We’ve all heard about gas energy generators, electric- powered energy generators, and solar energy generators. But when we talk about a magnetic energy generator, most people squint their eyes and ask: What is it? How does it work?

Before we get to that, it would help to understand how the concept of magnetic energy gained currency. Back in the 1900′s when Thomas Edison was busy earning fame and fortune with Alternating Current (AC) electricity, some investors approached a former employee of Edison’s, named Nicola Tesla. They wanted Tesla to develop an alternative method of generating electricity to what Edison was using.

Through hard work and brilliant research, Tesla came up with the concept of the Nicola Tesla Energy Generator. Unfortunately for the investors, this device was not quite what they had in mind, because it was a device that, if made popular could become a household “appliance” that homeowners could use to produce electricity themselves – for free! And that’s why the Tesla magnetic energy generator never saw the light of day.

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What Is It?

As its name reveals, a magnetic energy generator is based on the principle of using electromagnetic forces to produce electricity. The beauty of this technology, which has been around since the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is its relatively cheap and cost-effective power generation capacity.

Wind-powered generators use the wind to produce their output. Solar-powered generators use heat from the sun to create electricity. Water-powered turbines need a continuous flow of water to work. Alternative energy sources such as these are heavily dependent on weather and climatic conditions. If there are no wind, no sun or no rain, then there would be no power!

However, a magnetically-powered generator does not require major inputs, i.e. “fuel”, to produce its outputs, i.e. electricity.

The secret to Tesla’s is that it uses electromagnetic fields, existing in abundance in the earth’s atmosphere, to generate magnetic energy generator electricity. This source of energy is emitted in large quantities by the sun, stars and other heavenly bodies, and circulates freely in our world. With the help of the right components assembled together, a generator can be built that taps this energy to power homes and communities with relatively free electricity.

How Does It Work?

The earth is constantly bombarded by electromagnetic energy from the sun and other orbiting and stable bodies in the skies. Even when we can’t see those bodies, such as the sun at night, they are visible somewhere around the world, showering that energy down onto us. Unfortunately, until recently there was no known technology to harness that magnetic energy and put it to good use.

The actual principles of creating electricity using a magnetic energy generator are remarkably similar to any other form of energy creation – wind, diesel, water and solar. A power source, be it wind, diesel, water or sun, causes a generator to move a turbine, which in turn produces electricity. The only major difference is, in the case of magnetic energy, the power source that turns the turbine is the earth’s freely available electromagnetic field. Magnets and magnetic forces induce perpetual motion to turn the turbine and create an indefinite supply of electricity.

Device uses magnetic power to induce perpetual motion to create free energy.

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What Are The Benefits?

The world has reached a crises point with pollution and environmental damage all over. A lot of this has to do with how we produce and use energy. If only there was a way to produce “clean energy” that does not emit harmful gasses and fumes in the process.

And the cost of electricity keeps increasing constantly. Middle-class and average income families feel the brunt of it. If only there was a cheaper source of electricity.

Well, the magnetic energy generator is the answer to both those needs – relatively free and clean electricity!