High Tech LED Grow Lights

Growers worldwide have been using traditional HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights for decades with proven results. These powerful grow lights do have their drawbacks, such as high power consumption and heat. The average HID light consumes 1000 watts of power and creates large amounts of heat that requires additional air conditioning.

In an attempt to solve heat and power issues some people have tried to use LEDs to grow plants since LEDs use less power and run much cooler. Early LED lights have disappointed many growers due to low yields and longer growing times. The cause of these performance problems is due to poor LED quality and low powered LEDs.

In 2010 a new LED light called the Extreme Flower LED, from AdvancedLEDLights.com has rivaled HID lights in yield and exceeded traditional lights in harvest quality. These new lights are made with all USA 3w LEDs, focused optics and 11 wavelengths of light color to simulate mother nature. The Extreme Flower LEDs have been proven to grow as good as HID lights while also saving electric bills. The Extreme Flower LED requires no ballasts and eliminates the need for large air conditioning units which save thousands of watts each year for commercial growers. The Extreme Flower LED technology also lasts over 5 years (HID bulbs last 1 year) and has no mercury to dispose of like HID lights.

With these new 3w LED grow lights, indoor growers can be more efficient, save money and make their greenhouse even more green.