Green-Trust.Org hit with a Cease and Desist!

A while back we discovered a neat way to make the typical gardening container less labor intensive by putting a water reservoir in the bottom. We blogged about it, linked to a DIY article (since removed from that explained how to build one, and nicely provided a link to a commercial company that sells them. Well, according to their legal department, we are the antichrist for doing so, and have been threatened with huge financial penalties for doing so. Read more at EARTHBOX Infringement.

Now we never charged for this info, never sold any devices that use this info, and never obtained any profit or payment of any kind for linking to this info, but that doesn’t seem to matter to these sharks. We have edited our post by removing the link to the dead instructable, and only list the commercial entity in the link, but would like your feedback (in the comments section below) on this issue. Tell the folks at Earthbox what you think as well.

The ebook that started the bruhaha:

More DIY versions: