Green Reasons Why We Should Only Buy Recycled Toilet Paper

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  • March 14, 2016
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In your quest to be an environmentally-conscious consumer, have you considered buying recycled toilet paper? Many otherwise green families skip this eco-friendly product and much of their decision is based on a lack of information and perhaps the idea of recycled toilet paper. However, it’s definitely not recycled from other toilet paper but rather other paper products. There really is no yuck factor!

100% Recycled Paper 80% Post Consumer Content

This is what you’ll see on packages of recycled toilet paper, but what does it mean?

Post consumer content is materials that have been used and thrown away. So when you put your old magazines, newspapers and boxes into your recycle bin that’s post consumer content. This is important because it means that what you use can be made into functional and valuable materials – toilet paper is both functional and valuable, right?

It keeps papers out of landfills and saves millions of trees from being cut down. So when you see that your toilet paper is made from 80% post consumer content, you know that only 20% of it is coming from scrap during the manufacturing process of other items. Then you’re getting the optimal ratio of recycled papers.

A Few Statistics

According to the Department of Conservation, 1 ton of recycled paper saves:
* 17 trees
* 7000 gallons of water
* 4100 kwh of energy, enough to power your home for six months
* 60 pounds of air pollution
* 2.5 cubic yards of landfill space

Not All Recycled Toilet Paper Is Created Equal

When buying recycled toilet paper, it’s important to compare a few bits of information. Find out:

* How much post consumer content the toilet paper contains. 80% is the quality industry standard.
* How the toilet paper is treated. Some toilet paper is bleached with harsh chemicals. That may make it look nice and white but it’s certainly not environmentally friendly. Look for products labeled totally chlorine-free (TCF) or processed chlorine-free (PCF).

Buying recycled toilet paper is a responsible and environmentally-friendly practice. It saves forests from being destroyed, pollution entering our atmosphere, landfills from overflowing and harmful chemicals from entering our soil and water supply.