Green Glass: A Revolution in Beverageware

If you haven’t seen Green Glass products before, then you’re in for a wonderful surprise! Green Glass uses reclaimed water and wine bottles to make a wide selection of innovative and stylish glassware. And now you can buy Green Glass products right here at

The Green Glass story begins more than ten years ago in South Africa. In 1992, Mara Penrith, an industrial designer who was living in South Africa with her husband, was cleaning up after a dinner party. She commented that it was a shame they couldn’t do anything interesting with the beautiful, empty wine bottles leftover from the party. Which led almost immediately to a brainstorm: what if they could turn those bottles into glasses and goblets? Her husband Sean and business partner Philip Tetley thought it was a great idea, and got to work. It wasn’t as easy as it sounded — but after considerable trial and error (including eight months and thousands of smashed bottles), they finally perfected the art. A worldwide patent was obtained, and a revolution was born.

Green Glass beverageware can now be found in the hands of celebrities and on movie sets – and has even graced the dinner table of King Carlos of Spain. The company has manufacturing facilities in both South Africa and Schofield, Wisconsin. Green Glass’ new manufacturing plant in Wisconsin has enough capacity to convert over 200,000 bottles into glasses a month, at a speed of one glass every ten seconds.

So, how does it all work? Green Glass has agreements with recycling companies nationwide. Those companies supply Green Glass with hundreds of thousands of reclaimed bottles each year, including Perrier bottles, Westport River bottles, and Lambrusco wine bottles. The bottles are washed and sterilized, sliced in half, and each half is smoothed and highly polished. The bases of the bottles are transformed into tumblers. The necks of the bottles are heated up, the tops twisted to close off the openings, then flared to form a base – creating a stemmed goblet.

No hazardous byproducts are formed during the manufacturing process, and tons of glass that that would otherwise be headed for landfills is saved. To view a pictorial of the complete metamorphosis of wine and water bottles into beautiful, functional glassware. offers many Green Glass designs to choose from. And, as always, they are all available at below-retail prices. Click here to see our selection of tumblers and goblets. The glasses come in sets of four, and are all dishwasher-safe. Just another simple way to add style to your home and help keep the planet clean!