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An Eco-friendly motion sensor gadget that can turn the lights ON

Philips Hue, an advanced technology facilitated to automatically put the lights ON. This accessory adds the comfort of managing lights via Wi-Fi with an extraordinary motion sensor fixed to it. Philips is the very first and foremost to create this wireless device which is very simple to install with its powdered battery, incorporating all kind of artistic and magnificent colors.

How does Philips Hue work?

It set the lights ON only when the motion is detected by its sensor in the room and turns off automatically when no motion is sensed.

The sensitivity button helps to select Low, Medium, high options. Choosing a higher option means creating a smaller movement and choosing a lower setting generate larger movements.

Day and Night settings:

The sensor can help to trigger the lights ON when you wake up in the middle of the night without fumbling to the switchboards to turn on the lights. Also, you can set the timer to a ‘night scene’ for a dimmer and warm glowing light to make the obstacles visible.

During the daytime, the activated ‘white light’ helps to see the surroundings better and when no motion is detected it will dim down before automatically switched off.

The procedure is effortless and very simple. It lets to chose out which lights to turn on as well as pick out the time duration to keep the lights on when everyone has left.

Some advanced options:

  • lights will get dim before they turned off, select the option ‘ daylight sensitivity’, the motion sensor can be set to trigger lights on when the room is dark and saves energy during the daytime.
  • Sliding the button up and down helps to adjust the sensor during the daylight.
  • The ‘delete’ or ‘reset’ button is required when the device is no longer in use or relocating the device to some other place.

Set it up where it matters:

This is, of course, a very standard small white box shape comprised of AAA batteries to automate the lighting. The set up is supposed to be placed in or around the home. Simply mount the device to a wall, ceiling or attached to the metallic surfaces like refrigerators etc.

Adjust the detection angle in the correct direction by adjusting the sensor. The sensor does have detecting limit up to 16.5 feet away, so, set the device to the most used area in the house.

It is perfect for the garage area, basement, bathrooms, and hall where the light is needed for a shorter duration, One can set a longer limit through the app for a specific area  like a living area, and shorter duration limit in an area like kitchen, lawns etc


Should you upgrade to a Smart Digital Thermostat?

Dusting off the old dial on your wall & upgrading to something that is closer to resembling a gizmo in star trek rather than a thermostat! 

In the wake of growing awareness about energy conservation, a Smart Thermostat is a welcome innovation. It plays a major role in energy conservation, while looking chic and tasteful!  The thermostat has received a glorious make-over. The smart thermostat is well designed and stylish.

A Smart Thermostat enables you to control the temperature of your house at the click of a button from your phone or a tablet. You can also programme it as per your schedule. The internet connectivity enables the thermostat to get information about the weather and heat up the home accordingly. Some of these thermostats can gauge how long it will take to heat up a room. Many thermostats have motion-detectors that notice the presence of people in the house. In the absence of people, the thermostat automatically lowers its heating. All this can be done via a simple app installed on the phone!

Another interesting feature in these Smart Thermostat is its ability to ‘Learn’. It learns about your room and surroundings to decide the perfect temperature for your room. Hence, instead of programming the gadget to turn on at a particular time or temperature, it is possible to just tell the thermostat exactly what time you need the room to be warm. Eventually, it also learns of your preferences along with habits and heats up your home without you having to remind it.

Efficient and optimum use of energy is of vital importance today. This can even save a considerable amount of money. With the smart thermostats, it is now possible to track, measure and record regular energy usage. Such insights can provide us with numbers about how much energy we really consume and how heavily it costs us. The reading provided by the thermostat also help in figuring out areas where money can be saved. Lower energy wasted leads to lower energy bills.

10 years ago, central heating for a home via a simple phone would be unimaginable. Thermostats would be kept switched on even when people weren’t in the house. The consumption of energy in such times is undoubtedly high. With the introduction of this game-changing technology, the amount of energy saving is bound to increase. The bigger picture is a healthier earth.

Smart thermostats

The new smart thermostats claim that their use can ensure energy saving. But it is important to understand that without monitoring the energy usage and implementing energy saving methods, it is impossible to save energy. It is exactly like a diet plan. No matter how many diets are prescribed to you, only the one which you follow can give you results accordingly.

The market is now introduced to various smart thermostats. Each one comes with its own set of features and specialties. Right from the design to the interface, everything about these thermostats is smartly developed. The debut of these new thermostats in the market is reason enough to upgrade your thermostat too!

Nest Smart Thermostat 

Nest is a thermostat owned by Google. It looks very attractive and is extremely easy to use. Every day, you turn the heat down before leaving for work and turn it up after coming back. Eventually, it will pick up your pattern and start doing it on its own.

The thermostat has a built-in motion detector to understand if there is no one at home. When the house is empty, it lowers the temperature to a safe but affordable level. Due to this feature, you don’t have to reprogramme it even when you are away traveling. It allows you to schedule the timing for heating water as well. Apart from the programmed time, the thermostat turns down the water heating.

Nest’s Wi-fi feature allows you to send commands as well as provides the details of weather conditions sourced from the internet to help adjust the temperature appropriately. The app provides complete details about energy usage. It provides reports on the amount of energy used and saved. A little leaf image is displayed when the energy is used efficiently. Over the time, it becomes difficult to earn the leaf, prompting you to save more energy.


Nest Thermostat

Hive, from British Gas

Hive is an innovation by British Gas. It looks humble and subtle, but in reality, it is modern and ultra high tech with web connectivity and app-access, and super easy to use interface. A hub is plugged into your broadband router which allows you to communicate with the thermostat. It allows you to set schedules for hot water and temperature heating from the app. Feedback and report are also provided to monitor the usage and saving of energyBritish Gas claims that using Hive can save upto 130 pounds a year. This is purely due to the energy saved by the customer. Recently, Hive also launched an array of new compatible products which include motion sensors, window and door sensors, and smart plugs. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant too.


Tado is a self-sufficient thermostat which can gauge the outside temperature and accordingly heat up the home. It has motion detectors by which it understands when the house is empty and it lowers the heat. The use of geofencing is one of the most admired features in Tado. It lowers the use of heat when you leave for work. Once you start for your home, it receives notification about your movement via GPS on your phone. The thermostat then raises the temperature in the house. Tado claims that the use of their thermostat can save up to 31% energy. It is compatible with Siri and Alexa.

Tado thermostat

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