Build your own PV Panel Kit

Build a PV Panel Kit – Maybe you have read online how to build a pv panel. There are Instructable’s and Youtube video’s galore on the subject. here’s a quality kit of pv cells needed to assemble your own panel.

Now you can build your own solar panel! This kit will help you build a 60-70 watt solar panel with your own hands. This is a fantastic way to learn about solar, show off your green credentials, and power small electronics at the same time. This kit comes complete with:

* 50EA A Grade 3″x6″ Evergreen Solar Cells
* 10′ of tabbed wire for connecting the cells
* 10′ of bus wire for completing the panel connections
* 1EA Flux pen for soldering cells and wires
* 2EA 10A blocking diodes for preventing the panel from draining a battery

This kit is great when combined with our Build Your Own Solar Panel Training Series, which will teach you to actually assemble this kit into a working solar panel.