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An Eco-friendly motion sensor gadget that can turn the lights ON

Philips Hue, an advanced technology facilitated to automatically put the lights ON. This accessory adds the comfort of managing lights via Wi-Fi with an extraordinary motion sensor fixed to it. Philips is the very first and foremost to create this wireless device which is very simple to install with its powdered battery, incorporating all kind of artistic and magnificent colors.

How does Philips Hue work?

It set the lights ON only when the motion is detected by its sensor in the room and turns off automatically when no motion is sensed.

The sensitivity button helps to select Low, Medium, high options. Choosing a higher option means creating a smaller movement and choosing a lower setting generate larger movements.

Day and Night settings:

The sensor can help to trigger the lights ON when you wake up in the middle of the night without fumbling to the switchboards to turn on the lights. Also, you can set the timer to a ‘night scene’ for a dimmer and warm glowing light to make the obstacles visible.

During the daytime, the activated ‘white light’ helps to see the surroundings better and when no motion is detected it will dim down before automatically switched off.

The procedure is effortless and very simple. It lets to chose out which lights to turn on as well as pick out the time duration to keep the lights on when everyone has left.

Some advanced options:

  • lights will get dim before they turned off, select the option ‘ daylight sensitivity’, the motion sensor can be set to trigger lights on when the room is dark and saves energy during the daytime.
  • Sliding the button up and down helps to adjust the sensor during the daylight.
  • The ‘delete’ or ‘reset’ button is required when the device is no longer in use or relocating the device to some other place.

Set it up where it matters:

This is, of course, a very standard small white box shape comprised of AAA batteries to automate the lighting. The set up is supposed to be placed in or around the home. Simply mount the device to a wall, ceiling or attached to the metallic surfaces like refrigerators etc.

Adjust the detection angle in the correct direction by adjusting the sensor. The sensor does have detecting limit up to 16.5 feet away, so, set the device to the most used area in the house.

It is perfect for the garage area, basement, bathrooms, and hall where the light is needed for a shorter duration, One can set a longer limit through the app for a specific area  like a living area, and shorter duration limit in an area like kitchen, lawns etc