Air / Water Generators

At the Enviro Week show in St. Maarten, we met Bruno Therond and his water makers. He kept us hydrated all weekend with these awesome machines:

The Air/Water Generator (AWG) Technology condenses moisture in the air “water from the atmosphere” and purify it into a superior grade of purified, potable water. While the principle & technology is well known as a refrigerated dehumidifier the application to AWGs are fairly new and the water collected is purified and stored instead of being disposed off.
The key challenge is to keep the clean drinking water purified until consumption.
The water produced remain purified through an elaborate system using 5 stages of filtration including ultra violet light to ensure complete sterilization of all water born bacteria.
These environmentally friendly, low voltage, chemical free, 100% independent automatic water supply can provide from 24 to 5000 liters of water per day for drinking water and additional purposes & water needs, (irrigation, cisterns, animals, etc.)
There is no connection to any water supply what so ever, no bottles to be delivered, no pipes.
The purified water quality is free of chemicals, chlorine, chalk or any other preservative agents.
It is a dehumidifier.
It also recycles and cleans the air you breathe.