Be Energy Independent

Do We Care? Many of us don’t really give power consumption a second thought, beyond complaining about the monthly rising electricity bill. Well, if you want to be rid of those ever rising costs, then it’s time to think about being energy independent. But why should you care? Actually, there’s more than just cost savings [...]

Electric Bills

With the high costs of energy, one of the things that most families can easily do is to save on electric bills. And with today’s technology, that’s not very difficult to do. Investing in alternative energy sources such as building a magnetic generator is a simple way to help reduce the high cost of electricity. [...]

Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficient homes save homeowners money on monthly utility bills, while improving the home’s overall comfort by reducing drafty spots and extreme temperatures. Here are just a few steps homeowners can take to make their home more energy efficient. 1. Energy Audits The very first step to make a home more energy efficient is to [...]

Going Solar

Got questions about solar power or going solar? Click on the common frequently asked questions to check for your answers. Is Solar Energy Safe? How Does Solar Power Work? Do We Need The Sun To Shine In Order To Use Solar Power? What Are Photovoltaic Cells Made Of? What Are The Major Components Required To [...]

Magnetic Energy Generator

Basic explanation on the principle of the magnetic energy generator and how it works to create perpetual motion to produce electricity. Back To The Beginning We’ve all heard about gas energy generators, electric- powered energy generators, and solar energy generators. But when we talk about a magnetic energy generator, most people squint their eyes and [...]

Sell Your Gadgets for Cash

Do We Really Need To Recycle Phones? What good would it do for you to know how to recycle your old and broken mobile phones for a green cause? Consider this: Surveys in some “first world” nations indicate that over 70% of the population either currently own a mobile phone, or have plans to buy [...]

Save The Planet

It doesn’t take an environmental crusader to save the planet. The state of the environment is a reflection of our collective actions. That’s why in order to take care of the environment and save the planet, it’s up to each and every person to change their daily behaviors. Following these 20 tips can make a [...]

Nikola Tesla

Understanding the secret to Nikola Tesla and his famed energy generator invention that is said to be able to generate unlimited electricity without the need for any fuel consumption. The Man Revealed There may be many of you questioning the existence of Nikola Tesla or his revolutionary energy generator invention. And your skepticism would be [...]

Energy Star

With a slew of federal tax incentives at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to “go green.” Here are 10 green ways that promise to reap big tax returns. Home Weatherization – To encourage homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient, the federal government is offering tax credits for energy efficiency [...]

Building Solar Panels

How to build your own solar panel from scratch. Explains what are the key materials you need and a step by step process to make your own solar cell system at home. Why Go Solar? What are the reasons that would convince you that building your own solar panel for your home is a smart [...]